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Many Delta flyers are taking an active role in this campaign and spreading the word by hand through the use of Save SkyMiles Boarding Cards. These cards are the perfect way to let fellow travelers know about this effort, what the changes mean to them and how they can lend their support to the Web site campaign. Invite them to visit this site and voice their opinions. You can download the cards and print them yourself, or take them to your local print shop to have them printed and cut professionally. Distributing these cards has been highly successful and has proven that few Medallion-level members know of these changes. The power to promote this cause is in your hands.

Some suggestions on handing out cards and spreading the word:
- Look for people with Medallion luggage tags at check-in, at the gate area or at baggage collection.
- CRC's and BusinessElite lounges are often full of flyers unaware of these issues.
- Lounge computers can be used to immediately educate and sign up interested flyers.
- Cards can be left at lounge computers and can be left on Web browsers when you leave.
- Onboard aircraft, leave these cards in BusinessElite/First lavatories, on tray tables and in seat pockets.
- Place cards anywhere with high visibility and a likelihood they will be spotted by Medallion members!

Click here to read the instructions and download your cards.

Alternatively, you can contact us to receive your own "boarding cards" by completing the form below. Note: required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Spread the word to all friends and colleagues who fly Delta Air Lines, regardless of how many miles they have accrued. In this campaign, every mile matters. To send them a personalized note and invite them to visit this site, please use this page.

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